Quick start & practice
Using Remote Desktop
Navigating the jCube window

There are three ways to use jCube

  • Try jCube on sample LANDSAT image data
  • Downloading more image data directly from the USGS image archive to jCube. (Available soon)
  • Uploading data sets from your computer to the jCube server. (Available soon)


Limitations of this beta-test release

jCube will be an ongoing evolution of improvements and capabilities. This beta-testing release has several important limitations which we will remove as quickly as possible.

There is only one application, LANDSAT Shorelines. This application combines several LANDSAT imagers to map the inter tidal zone. In the near future jCube will handle imagery from other satellites; airborne imaging systems will be supported too. There will also be more applications.

Clouds are a problem. jCube does not yet have a good cloud detection and mitigation algorithm. Clouds should be avoided in the analysis area. Use the "montage view" to decide if a particular area of interest is cloud free. If not, be aware that the results are contaminated. In the near future the montage view will let you edit cloud contaminated images.

Presently you can only process sample data already stored on the jCube server. Eventually jCube users will be able to upload their image data either from their computers or directly from the satellite operators. The current server does not have sufficient hard disk space to allow users to upload their data.

The current server allows only two users logged in at one time. If you are refused log-in, try again later.


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