Quick start & practice
Using Remote Desktop
Navigating the jCube window

There are three ways to use jCube

  • Try jCube on sample LANDSAT image data
  • Downloading more image data directly from the USGS image archive to jCube. (Available soon)
  • Uploading data sets from your computer to the jCube server. (Available soon)


Navigating the jCube window


The jCube window has four areas: Image, Select, Process, and Messages. The Image pane is the area where images are displayed in the Crop, Loading, Movie, and Montage functions. Usually image coordinates ate also displayed. The units of coordinates vary with data type. For satellite images the units are UTM in kilometers.

The Image pane

In the Select pane chose a type of processing. (In the current beta release the only working application is Landsat shorelines.)

The other window panes

Messages pane displays informational notices (e.g.,"Indexed 14 image bundles"). Sometime very detailed (and lengthy) and occasionally warning and error messages.

The Process pane buttons are...

Help. Displays this page in a web browser. (Not currently enabled.)

Images. This is the essential first step in any processing. A folder browser pops up which you use to navigate to and select a folder with the images you wish to process. The selected folder should contain multiple sub folders, each with one "image bundle." An image bundle is a set of multispectral and panchromatic planes of one image snapshot. Thus the number of sub folders is the number of images (or bundles).

Crop. Displays one of the images and then waits for you to point and double click on a location. In a remote connection the double click is a bit tricky: you may need to adjust to a slower double click and even move the mouse ever so slightly between clicks. When the double click is recognized Crop selects an area of interest centered on this location. The selection is shown as a red box (see figure above). The image data in this area will be processed.


Go. Process the data with your choice application. The results will be displayed in separate window pop up windows during and at the end of processing. After Go you may run Movie and Montage, or Crop for a different location.

Load. This is an optional way of loading the images for Movie or Montage without processing.

Movie. Shows a "movie" of images loaded with Go or Load

Montage. Shows all the images in a "montage" format. This is a quick way to check image quality. The Montage display is especially designed to highlight land-water-clouds.

Exit. Quit jCube. May be useful if you get stuck. You can then restart with the Run jCube icon from the desktop.

The function buttons ignore you while a process is underway. For example, Crop will not respond while a Go is in process. Watch the message window for alerts and status.


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