Quick start & practice
Using Remote Desktop
Navigating the jCube window

There are three ways to use jCube

  • Try jCube on sample LANDSAT image data
  • Downloading more image data directly from the USGS image archive to jCube. (Available soon)
  • Uploading data sets from your computer to the jCube server. (Available soon)


Remote Desktop ....

jCube runs on its own remote server. You log on that server through a windows utility called Remote Desktop Connection.

The server capacity is limited. Only two users can be logged on simultaneously. If you are rejected, try again later. (We will install more server capacity soon.)

In Remote Desktop your keystrokes, mouse clicks, and screen views must go back and forth over the Internet. You need a high speed Internet connection to get a reasonable response time to commands and screen views. Even with high speed Internet the response time will be slower than you are used to on your own PC.

To fire up Remote Desktop Connection: Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Remote Desktop Connection. Enter for Computer (see figure below). Edit credentials. Enter 'jcguest' for both user name and password (see next figure below). The password is case sensitive, USE LOWER CASE.


The Remote Desktop Connection utility

Credential pop-up. Enter User name (jcuser) and password (jcuser). Password is all lower case.



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