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There are three ways to use jCube

  • Try jCube on sample LANDSAT image data
  • Downloading more image data directly from the USGS image archive to jCube. (Available soon)
  • Uploading data sets from your computer to the jCube server. (Available soon)

The current version of jCube is a limited capabilities "Beta-testing" release. It runs one application: mapping water surfaces and shoreline with LANDSAT images.

Why LANDSAT imagery in particular?
Other beta release limitations.

Coming soon: more applications, more capabilities, and option to process your data sets.


Sample image collections ...

Several LANDSAT data sets have been pre loaded and are available for analysis with jCube.

North Gulf of California. Plenty of interesting things to observe with satellite imagery in this area which i noted for extreme tide range (7 m, 2nd highest in the world), a very wide inter tidal zone (several kilometers in extent), tidal rivers, the outflow of the Colorado River, and aquaculture activities. There are several sets:

1999-2003. A large collection of good images in SLC-on mode. (Go here for explanation of SLC on and off modes.)
2007. Many images in the SLC-off mode.
2007 miniset. A subset of the 2007 collection. Good for practice.

North Gulf of California shoreline showing wide intertidal zone, aquaculture farming and canal. The color coding indicates that the aquaculture farm is active only10-20% of the time. See this image enlarged and full resolution.

San Francisco Peninsula and East Bay. Lots of water here too. Restored wetlands. Salt harvesting. Reservoirs. Possible water pollution in ocean and bay. These are also good data sets for testing algorithms on mountain terrain and forests.

Dead Sea. Jordan river trickling in on the North end. Salt ponds on the South end. The Jordan River used to be the main source of fresh water into the Dead Sea but increased upstream water use has significantly reduced the flow into the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea depth is decreasing 1 meter per year. The "8-year set" lets you map the receding shoreline over the 2000-2008 period.

Dead Sea shorelines. Light green indicates the change in shoreline between 2000 and 2008.

Lower Tonle Sap (TEMPORARILY REMOVED FROM SERVER). The "Great lake" of Cambodia with an annual cycle of swelling and receding tide varying depth by 8 meters. Surrounding agriculture area is fertilized by this annual flood cycle. The area has 50% cloud cover frequency so it is difficult to find a completely cloud free area.

North Somalia coast. Pristine shorelines, clear coastal water for photometric bathymetry. Possible hiding places for pirates?

NW Arctic Borough. LANDSAT images in the NW corner of Alaska selected from the full collection by the following criteria based on minimal cloud cover and no ice (so all images are from Summer months).


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